LATAR EXPERT (Expressway Patrolling and Emergency Response Team) provides 24-hour patrols surveillance on-the-ground namely on the highway alignment and assets.

LATAR EXPERT also deals with any possible emergencies. Personnel are trained in accident recovery, first aid procedure and simple mechanical assistance.

LATAR Patrolman and ERT

Their duties include;

  • Ensure that the highway is always at its optimum operating condition and available to road user.
  • Provide courteous roadside assistance to highway users.
  • To manage sites during exceptional event i.e. accidents and traffic congestion by providing the necessary site and traffic management.
  • Communicate and relay all relevant information to Traffic Monitoring Centre (TMC) in accordance with approved policies and guidelines.
  • Practice and enforce good traffic management scheme in accordance with approved policies and guidelines.
  • To manage all equipment’s made available accordingly within the established policies and procedures.
  • Maintain strict enforcement on all illegal activities along the highway which may include joint enforcement with the relevant authorities.
  • Co-ordinate and monitor relevant support services for event recoveries on the highway.